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White Faucet Filter
(2,000 Gallons @ $.013 per gallon)
 Use replacement filter CQE-RC-4046



Chrome Faucet Filter
(2,000 Gallons @ $.013 per gallon)
Use replacement filter CQE-RC-4046

Enjoy delicious, healthy water straight from your tap with CRYSTAL QUEST® Faucet Mount Water Filter.

Faucet Mount Filtration System is the most advanced water filtration system for healthier, great-tasting water, right from your tap.

The CRYSTAL QUEST® Faucet Mount Filter is the only leading brand with 5 stages of filtration.

Ingenious space-saving design that allows for easy access to your sink all the time.

Effectively removes hundreds of contaminants from water*

Water travels down through the center tube, then passes through the *KDF media for de-chlorination and enhances pH balance. Next, the water travels through the **GAC (granular activated carbon) stage to reduce contaminants and finally exits through the shower head. Conveniently provides 1 year of filtration.

*Click here to learn more about KDF

**Click here to learn more about GAC