CQE-PI-00601 CQE_PI-00600 Color Picture
Item# CQE-PI-00600 (Clear)
CQE-PI-00601 (Light Blue Tint)
 What is filtered
The amount of bottled water consumed in the USA only annually
if laid end-to-end would circle the earth over 190 times.
Pitcher Water Filter System
(Filters 2,000 gallons)
Retail $39.95-$42.95/unit
Allow 3 - 10 days for delivery

(Carbon Cartridge CQE-RC-004047) (Included)

(Alkalizing Cartridge CQE-RC-004147)

(Dematerializing Cartridge CQE-RC-004132)

(Arsenic Cartridge CQE-RC-004131)

(Fluoride Cartridge CQE-RC-004130)

Pitcher Tint and Type Filter